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Meet the Team

Susanne Wilson


I've always dreamed of owning my own store. A place filled with things that delight the senses, inspire the spirit and heal the body.  As a Reiki Master, I have a deep understanding of our place in the universe and the harmony that we can live in. As a student of homeopathy, I have seen the body's ability to heal its self using natural substances.  And, as a gemologist, I love transforming objects into wearable art.  The store is a reflection of my free spirit and I would love to share that with you.

Cait Hansen

Product Sourcing & Research

As an Anthropologist, I am fascinated with different cultures and the unexpected adventures that unfold when I immerse myself into astonishing worlds.  My curiosity and wanderlust has propelled me across all four corners of the globe.  And, when I return home, I share my stories, experiences and new found treasures with Susanne, my BFF for over 21 years, who transforms them into delights for the senses.  

Christa Rowe


I love fantasy novels - Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, anything Magical!  I have traveled extensively throughout England, Ireland and Scotland gaining inspiration for my own fantasy adventure novel that I am now working on.  I have an amazing range of knowledge from crystals and pagan practices, to use of herbs and plants.  Come in and let me help you find your own inspiration.


To provide "Meaningful Gifts" that stimulate consciousness, inspire beauty, create harmony as well as support environmentally sustainable & humane practices.


Arizona Blues is deeply concerned with creating a world of harmony, where balance and collaboration exist among people as it exists in nature, with ethics, care and respect for all beings